Some Basics on Red Fish Drum Fishing


Some fish just jump out among anglers for several reasons. Sometimes the reason is that of the quality of the fight they provide for their size possibly at other times it's because of how the fish fries up beautifully from the pan. When you're taking a look at red fish (also sometimes referred to as red drum or red drum fish), you receive a little bit of both - a great fighter that also tastes delicious within the pan or for the grill.


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When we're discussing red fish drum fishing, under consideration a game fish containing not only its distinctive red color, but also some solid dark dots that really set it apart. These fish are famous for giving a good fight similar to their bass cousins, whilst having a delicious flesh which can be grilled or fried once and for all eating.

In other words, in many ways it is your ideal saltwater shore sport fish. You need to use normal casting a fishing rod with medium action and medium level test line, and that means you don't need a lot of special outfitting to get success on the water.

What Tackle to Use

The best tackle on an area is going to depend upon a lot of different things. When you are talking about red fish drum fishing it is advisable to understand that on virtually any day there are factors that can change what works, but location also matters. What lures work in southern Florida might be different than what works from the coast of Massachusetts.

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Generally speaking, there are a few different processes for red fish drum fishing that usually work wherever you might be.

Live bait options are a good way to go. You always want to make sure that the pain you are using as live bait is legal in the region you're in but common live bait options include shrimp, small crabs, pinfish, and also cut baits. This really is best set up using the tides so your bait looks natural among other bait fish being brought in.

There are also several artificial lures that have a reputation for working. These are typically spoons and jigs - and bright tends to work so think gold or silver instead of camouflaged colors if you are going to go with the artificial set up.

Finally, make sure to give yourself a few options prior to going out on the water. You will never know what might be working that day, so have your backup plan in place before you go out!